Hi there. So my name is Alan and I have a passion for making films and taking photos. You’ll always find me at a wedding or a party as the guy behind the camera. I’m also a Christian, and my beliefs are vital to me.

In 2012 I felt God really lay something on my heart, and that was to video stories of what He was doing in peoples lives. The reason for this, in all honesty, is because in church you will often hear an amazing story, and then it’s gone. No one is recording these stories and hosting them. That’s where I felt God was saying to address a need. So, I took a load of my wages and bought a camera and started shooting. a year later, I’ve had some extra equipment given and I’ve videoed about 20 testimonies. I’ve also worked with local charities to address their video/photo needs, video’d weddings for friends, done photoshoots for familes who might not be able to afford to hire a professional photographer and so on. All this, I have done for free, The reason I have done it for free is because Matthew 10:8 says ” Freely you have received; freely give” and I personally don’t think its right to make money off of something I feel God has called me to do.

My short term goal is to be able to povide professional level video and photography services to anyone who wants it, completely free of charge. That means being able to offer free wedding videos, free photography for families, free videos for local churches and charities and organisations and so on. I feel I need to do this for three reasons. Firstly, I think it is what God is calling me into. Secondly, it’s the right thing to do. Thirdly, it opens up so many possibilities to people that simply would not have access to things like this.

My medium term goals are to continue to record testimonies of how He is working (which is the most important thing I can do), along with developing free resources for churches. These will be things like an evangelism course, apologetics resources and video teaching. I also intend to create a film called “He Is”, revealing the nature of God’s character through how He is answering prayer and acting in the North of England.

My long term goal, and what I am working towards, is to eventually do this full time. To travel the UK and europe and record stories of what God is doing among His people. I also feel called to provide a platform for new preachers, video for musicians, photographs for churches and show the character of God through what He is doing. That is all a long way off and is dependent on me raising the funds, but that isn’t what this campaign is for.

See, in order for any of this to happen, I am in need of an upgrade in terms of my equipment. The reason I need this is because, considering today’s social networking and media output, it is important that videos that are designed to show how good He is be the best quality they can be. My focus and vision is to be able to provide a top quality service and to produce top quality videos that people and organisations may be charged hundreds for, but to do this for free.

At the end of the day, if you’re a Christian, all I really want to do is to glorify God and provide an accessable service for people for free. If you’re not a Christian, then it’s just about gathering resources to be equipped to provide the best free service I can to people. There is nothing beyond that in this fundraiser.

So please, do consider sponsoring this fundraiser and helping provide this service to the people of the north of England.



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