All About Net:Rock

Find out about who we are and what we do…

What do we do?

Net:Rock is a ministry that exists simply to spread the good news of God and how He is working in the United Kingdom. Based in the city of York, we aim to travel around the UK to spread stories of how God is working in people’s lives

How do we do this?

Our ministry is composed of three parts:

1: Net:Rock in which we aim to record stories of what God is doing in people’s lives. From testimonies to stories about healing and answered prayer, we exist to tell stories about the goodness of God.In additon to this, we also support local ministries with their media needs, be they photographic or video based.

2: Net:Rock Photography. In addition to this, we provide a free photograpy service for anyone who needs it. We cover all kinds of events, from worship sessions and prophetic gatherings to weddings and birthday parties. We offer this service for free and to everyone, irrespective of belief.

3: Net:Rock Weddings: We also offer wedding videos, again for free. We do not post these images or videos online, simply as we feel they should belong to the couple.

Why do we do this?

 We do this for a number of different reasons. Simply put, we believe that God is not just waiting in the wings to be prayed for and invited into a situation, but that He is acting powerfully, right now, in the lives of many people around the UK. It has often seemed that many victories or amazing things that God has done are unrecorded or unseen, whilst our culture drowns in a cycle of hopelessness and bad news.

We believe God is worth celebrating and that His victories are worth celebrating. That is why we do what we do. To spread hope, bring encouragement and build faith.

What else are we working on?

We have a lot of different projects in the works. To date, our upcoming projects are:

More testimonies

A 6-8 part free resource course on evangelism

A series on faith and art.